Casting Worldwide Limited

Welcome to the website of Casting Worldwide Limited – a British company which is your ticket to the world of film, television, hosting and advertising.

We maintain a database of talented people from many countries worldwide offering you a chance to appear at an audition in the UK or an audition in the USA. Producers and film crews get selections from more or less well-known faces that suit their needs. Beginners and intermediate amateur actors get a chance to have a peek into the world of show business. Who knows? It might be you whose face will present a product on TV. Or it could even appear on the big screen in the cinema.


All you have to do is spend less than 5 minutes filling in a short registration form and completing the basic registration process, which is obviously free. And then you will wait to see if one of the film crews looking for new people chooses you for a role or as an extra.

However, this is not all. Not at all! If you are not a complete beginner and appearing at the background is not enough for you, you may enter information about your experience and awards as well as upload your audio and video recordings, portrait and other photos, etc. Having done that, your chance of obtaining an attractive role will increase dramatically.
Have you just thought of the fact that you don’t have any cool photos or recordings? No problem. We will create them for you. In our studio you will have your first contact with the real world of show business. You will obtain professional photos and recordings and, moreover, being our customers you will get up to a 50% discount in comparison with standard prices on the market.

Don’t wait, then. The registration takes only a few moments and don’t worry – there is no fine print. You won’t encounter any hidden obligations. If you do not want, you won’t pay a penny, while other casting agencies charge a lot and for everything.


Registration is the database is and will remain for free for all new faces until the end of 2013. So if you are looking for a way of promoting your skills, start right now and right here!

Do you have professional theatre experience and would you like to fight for a chance to star in a film or on TV? Are you in an amateur theatre company? Can you do something that other people can’t?

Or would you like to become a star among your friends when you appear on the film screen for a brief moment – as an extra?

Fill in the registration form and become a member of our worldwide acting club - for free.